€ 27
  • Duration: 150 minutes
  • Schedule: daily at 08:30 pm.
  • Departure: at Gate 2 under the Cechuv Bridge.
  • On board: live music, restaurant, bar, toilet
  • The price includes: boat ride, welcome drink.
Cruise down the Vltava on a jazz boat
Cruise on a jazz boat, 2.5 hours

Cruises down the Vltava on a jazz motor boat: a tour around Prague with dinner and live music

Treat yourself: buy a ticket for the jazz boat. During the trip, you can enjoy the views of the historical center of Prague, savor delicious Czech cuisine, and listen to live jazz music. The trip takes place in the evening when the Czech capital looks irresistible in the night lights; the saxophone creates an appealing, romantic atmosphere. The trip takes 2.5 hours.

How jazz tours down the Vltava are organized

After boarding the ship, a fascinating trip through the Old Town begins. While travelling down river, you can choose one of our three dishes: a salmon, pork or chicken dish (there is also a vegetarian menu). Every guest receives a welcome drink. Since jazz tours on a motor boat in Prague are in high demand, you might be seated at a table with other tour guests.

The musical performance begins immediately after the departure of the ship. The jazz concert comprises three parts with two small breaks. You can take pleasure in the saxophone and the pleasant voice of the ensemble singer. As you enjoy the live music, you can see the main sights of Prague from the windows: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and many others.

A river trip with live jazz music takes place on modern, safe motor boats which are suitable for all-weather excursions. The cozy interior design, spacious windows create a comfortable environment. You can freely walk around the ship, take photos for nice memories and dance to melodic tracks.

Who would enjoy a jazz cruise

  • Fans of good music and romance. Invite your partner for a date: arrange a surprise that will be remembered for a long time.
  • Tourists, tired of long walks who want to get new perspectives of the city in a relaxed setting.
  • Groups of friends who look for unusual places for vacations. Onboard the ship you can enjoy a delicious meal, as well as music.
  • Anyone who is interested in Prague and its sights, as the route goes past the historic center.
  • Families with children and seniors who find bus and walking tours tiring.
Live jazz music on a boat complements any excursion program; let yourself relax and enjoy delicious food, beautiful views, and live music.

How to and where to buy a ticket for jazz cruise trips

You can book a ticket for a jazz cruise through our company. You can directly pay for tickets on our website: all information is available for English-speaking tourists. So, buy a tour in advance, and you will not need to worry about lacking tickets for your desired date. If you are interested in a jazz cruise or any other cruise in Prague, our experts can help you with choosing an excursion and booking tickets online.
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