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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


The current conditions for the purchase of electronic tickets on the website https://prahatrip.cz/ (from 01.11.2021)

The Prahatrip project (https://prahatrip.cz/) is a service for purchasing tickets for boat trips via the Internet. Our company is a ticket sales agent and organizer of sightseeing tours in Prague.
By purchasing e-tickets on our website, you agree to all the terms of purchase listed below, including the rules for finding passengers on board a watercraft.
If the buyer does not agree with the terms of purchase of tickets, refunds or other points of this document, then he is automatically not allowed to purchase electronic tickets.

1. Basic concepts:
Carrier - a motor ship company that provides services for the transportation of passengers and the organization of excursion or other services on board the ship.
Organizer - a company that organizes tourist or entertainment services in conjunction with a ship company.
Buyer - a person who purchases an electronic ticket through the Prahatrip service.
Passenger - a person who has passed registration at the ticket office of the berth and who is boarding a watercraft.
The Prahatrip service is an online e-ticket store. The management company (operator of the site) is Pro Event LLC.
Payment system - a system that performs an operation to synchronize your current account with the current account of our company. The system is the guarantor of the purity of the transaction between the buyer's bank and Pro Event LLC.The bank commission for making a payment on the website is 5% of the ticket price and is fully paid by Pro Event LLC.
An e-ticket is an electronic document with boarding information and a unique number. The ticket is automatically sent to the buyer after the payment has been made. This document, depending on the walk, must be provided at the berth cash desks in electronic form (on the phone or tablet screen) or in paper form.
Boarding pass number is a unique identification number assigned at the time of purchase. This number has a combination of alphabetic and numerical values. On this number you will receive a passenger ticket at the berth. All the necessary information on your order (name of the walk, time, number of people) is determined only by this number.
Boarding ticket (passenger ticket) - a paper form established by the ship company of the sample, issued at the berth ticket offices on the basis of the provision of an electronic ticket with a number.
The boarding ticket confirms the right of the passenger to be on board the motor ship and obliges to comply with the rules for being on board the motor ship. It is prohibited to discard or tear the boarding pass until the end of the walk or excursion.

2. Buying an e-ticket
Our service does not carry out seat reservations with further purchase of electronic tickets at the berth.
When buying tickets for walks with free seating on board the ship, a seat is assigned to you based on the capacity of the ship and the number of seats on closed decks.In the event of a repeated provision of an electronic ticket, the carrier company has the right to refuse to provide the service to the person providing such a coupon.
An e-ticket is valid only for the route and date indicated on the purchased ticket.
The cost of walking on the site and on the pier may differ in accordance with the marketing policy of the company.
Information on the pages of excursions (place, time, cost and other information) is valid only at the time of purchase.

3. Refund or transfer of a ticket
Commission for ticket refunds initiated by the buyer:
more than 30 days before the flight - payment system commission 20% of the ticket price;
less than 30 days, but more than 48 hours before the flight - 50% of the ticket price;
less than 48 hours - 100% of the ticket price (tickets are non-refundable).

Rules for the return and transfer of tickets:
Tickets can be returned on the initiative of the buyer upon request to the mail (hidden) at least 48 hours before the departure time indicated on the ticket. The application must be sent during business hours (from 10:00 to 19:00).
If the buyer did not use the ticket without completing a refund 48 hours before the departure of the ship (the start of the excursion) according to the originally issued ticket, the money will not be returned.
Tickets are not transferred.
In case of cancellation of the flight by the ship company due to technical or other conditions (not a force

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