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Romantic things to do for couples in Prague. Easy ways to surprise your loved ones

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For some reason, there is a myth in society that preparing a romantic date is an incredibly difficult task. We do not agree with this, as they say «You never know till you try». Forget about all your doubts and fears! Romantic Prague can offer you loads of fantastic places for a perfect date. And we have some ideas for you too! It could be a cozy picnic at dawn, an evening walk through the streets of the city, or a dinner with Czech cuisine in a local cafe… Or maybe you could do it all in one day? Just take your pick and go surprise your loved ones.

  1. Beautiful places for couples in Prague
  2. Romantic Prague from the air
  3. Prague from the water: romantic things to do in Prague
  4. Beautiful places for couples in Prague

    Havlicek Gardens

    Urban green areas in Prague are special. Local parks represent history and nature, organically integrated into the urban landscape. For example, Havlicek Gardens used to be a private villa of a Czech entrepreneur. He had the entire territory decorated in the Renaissance style and had an English garden planted here. Today the gardens have more than 100 species of plants, a vineyard, gazebos, ponds and fountains.

    Timetable: from November to March: from 6 am till 10 pm (all week). From April to October: from 6 am till 12 pm (all week)

    Entry: free.

    Let's add some romance

    • Cafe Pavilon Grebovka

    The 18th century building originally was built as a shooting range. It's built on a hill, so you can enjoy panoramic views of the Prague rooftops and vineyards. The cafe can offer you Czech and European cuisine. You can order wine from their own cellars and have a romantic dinner while admiring the panorama of the city at sunset.

    • Picnic

    A wonderful romantic picnic is the best pastime in the park. There are observation decks, grottoes and gazebos. Just imagine: the air has warmed up after a hot day, you and your partner are sitting and hugging under vines and centuries-old elms, drinking local wine.

    Prague Castle in the evening

    Watching the sunset at the castle is an amazing opportunity if you want to feel like a couple from the romantic novels. Prague Castle is usually full of tourists, so spending time just together during the day is very unlikely. However, in the evening it is way calmer and the city is even more romantic with its narrow cobblestone streets, facades of medieval houses and cathedrals, all of this in the light of the fading sun. This is the time for lovers and their romantic dates under the stars.

    Timetable: from 6 am till 10 pm (all week).

    Entry: from 150 crowns (depending on the itinerary).

    Let's add some romance 

    • Spend time together walking through the night complex, where you will enjoy the stars, silence and each other. Isn't that an epitome of romance? 
    • Organize a romantic photo shoot in the area. Beautiful pictures are memorable and time together is precious!

    Wallenstein Garden

    The green area is located in the Mala Strana. First, walk around the territory, take a  look at the baroque architecture, and then go to the Wallenstein Garden. 

    This is a perfect place for breakfast or dinner outdoors. Due to the architectural particularities unnecessary sounds and noises do not reach here, so this is a great place for solitude among sculptures, fountains and green plants. Don't be afraid of peacocks. They are the owners of the palace and they are friendly, so you will not be disturbed.

    Timetable: from April to October: from 7:30 am till 5:30 pm (all week).

    Entry: free.

    Let's add some romance:

    • Have a picnic.
    • Rent a cabriolet or retro car. Just imagine, you are with your sweetheart, the wind is in your hair, there are picturesque landscapes and architecture around. Just turn on your favorite music and it feels like you are in the movie.
    • Explore the area on a horseback ride. Carriage rental is available on the Old Town Square. The cost starts from 400 kroons. Royal date, isn't it?


    A rocky cliff above the Vltava is another location on our list of romantic places in Prague for couples. There is a small park, the Vysehrad fortress and the neo-gothic Cathedral of Peter and Paul, where the remains of the patron saint of all lovers, St. Valentine are kept. And from the observation deck on the hill you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Nusle Valley and Prague Castle.

    Timetable: from January to December: from 10 am till 6 pm (all week).

    Entry: free.

    Let's add some romance

    • Invite your partner to go to the observation deck at sunrise or sunset. While everyone is sleeping, you are going to enjoy the sun and silence. And then have breakfast or dinner in one of the city cafes.

    Romantic Prague from the air

    If you have never flown on private airplanes, we have good news for you:  new experiences bring people closer. The «Pilotem na zkoušku» team organizes sightseeing flights on planes and helicopters. You can choose the itinerary yourself, while company representatives are ready to listen to your desires and help you to choose. So it is an extraordinary and unique date at an altitude of 300 meters.

    The cost of a flight starts from 2600 crowns and by helicopter it starts from 4600 crowns. Check the full price list here, the website is available in Czech and English. There you can also leave a request and discuss all the details with a manager.

    Prague from the water: romantic things to do in Prague

    A boat tour along the Vltava is the best pastime in the Czech capital. It's a perfect place for lovers to dive into the romantic Prague ambiance and have a great time together. You can try a variety of local dishes, see the city from different angles and enjoy live music. Let's take a look at several options to find the best one for your date.

    Boat lunch

    If your walk ended at the Chekhov Bridge, this romantic lunch cruise is waiting for you. In two hours you will have time to taste all Czech dishes, drink champagne and dance to live music. 

    Some details on the boat lunch tour:

    • There are panoramic roof and an open deck where you can see the whole city.
    • The itinerary goes through the most beautiful sights: Prague Castle, Dancing House, Charles Bridge.
    • Musicians on board will add some romance to your boat trip.
    • Buffet service.
    • Aperitif included.

    Timetable: departure from the pier on the Dvorak embankment near the Chekhov Bridge daily at 12 am. Duration: 2 hours.

    Cost of the trip: starting from 34 euros per person.

    Learn more about the boat lunch, see the current schedule, and purchase your ticket here

    Learn more

    Boat dinner 

    The setting sun paints the Vltava in red and orange, your sweetheart holds you out a glass of champagne and you hug each other, embrace the moment and enjoy the beauty. Sounds like an unforgettable date! It can be even more interesting to surprise your loved ones. You can plan a trip now, and the day before the scheduled tour, bring your partner for dinner in an unusual place.

    Some details on dinner cruise:

    • Double-deck boat with an open terrace and a hall under a panoramic roof.
    • In those 3 hours you will discover Prague at sunset and under the stars.
    • Buffet dinner, as well as an aperitif included.
    • Bar on board.
    • Live music.

    Timetable: departure from the pier on the Dvorak embankment near the Chekhov Bridge daily at 7 pm. Duration: 3 hours.

    Cost of the trip: standart ticket is 49 euros, window seat is 59 euros.

    Learn more about the boat dinner, see the current schedule, and purchase your ticket here

    Learn more

    Dinner on a premium boat

    The more comfortable it is, the better the experience is. That's why we offer you a  dinner on a premium double-deck boat. So that you and your significant other could try more than ten gourmet dishes, order champagne and see 10 amazing sights of Old and New Prague.

    Some details on a premium dinner tour:

    • Restaurant on board.
    • 3 hours to explore the Old and New City from the water.
    • An aperitif included for each guest, as well as a bar on one of the decks.

    Timetable: departure from the pier on the Dvorak embankment near the Chekhov Bridge daily at 7 pm. Duration: 3 hours.

    Cost of the trip: standart ticket is 59 euros, window seat is 60 euros.

    Learn more about the dinner on a premium boat, see the current schedule, and purchase your ticket here

    Learn more

    The main thing is that you have good memories and enjoy the time spent together. We'll take care of the rest!

    Finding the perfect date spots in Prague was easy. Just like we promised, you just have to choose where exactly you want to spend time together. But this is a more difficult task. After all, you want to try everything at once, right? But don't worry about that! Remember, it doesn't matter where exactly you go. What really matters is that you will spend a fantastic time together and maybe even fall in love with each other again.

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