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Sightseeing boat tours in Prague

Sightseeing boat tours in Prague


Romantic Prosecco cruise in Prague

1 hour
  • For all those who are in love with Prague
  • Sightseeing tour through the Old Town
  • A glass of sparkling wine and snacks included
  • Restaurant and bar on board
  • Boat with a panoramic roof
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Grand cruise in Prague — a two-hour tour along the Vltava

2 hours
  • An adventure to Old and New Prague!
  • The longest water route to Visegrad
  • Tour brochure is available in English
  • Restaurant and bar on board
  • Boat with panoramic roof and open deck
  • Departure daily at 12 pm and 3 pm
  • Next tour:
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One-hour sightseeing tour in Prague

50 minutes
  • Prague from a different perspective
  • Sightseeing tour through the Old Town
  • Audio excursion in English
  • Restaurant and bar on board
  • Open-deck boat
  • Departure daily from 10 am till 9 pm
  • Next tour:
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Cruise along the Devil's Channel

50 minutes
  • Mysterious Prague Venice
  • Boat tour through the Old Town and Chertovka canal
  • The most intimate rout in the Czech capital
  • Cozy eco-friendly open-deck boat
  • Departure daily from 10:15 am till 8:15 pm every 2 hours
16 € Learn more

[{"MIGX_id":"1","list-excursion__resource":"588","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Prosecco cruise","resource":"Romantic Prosecco cruise in Prague"},{"MIGX_id":"2","list-excursion__resource":"586","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Grand Cruise along Vltava","resource":"Grand cruise in Prague \u2014 a two-hour tour along the Vltava"},{"MIGX_id":"3","list-excursion__resource":"585","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Sightseeing river cruise","resource":"One-hour sightseeing tour in Prague"},{"MIGX_id":"4","list-excursion__resource":"587","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Devil`s Channel boat cruise","resource":"Cruise along the Devil's Channel"}]

We know at first hand that when you go to a new country or a city you want to immerse yourself in this new ambience and try everything, learn the most interesting legends, see iconic sights and find places where the locals themselves spend their time. We have found a way how you can do all this thing! Prague sightseeing cruise not only is a perfect way to get to know the city, but also immerse yourself in its charming ambience. Here are some details.


What Prague sightseeing river cruises are there?

  • Prague Vltava river sightseeing cruise is a hour-tour cruise on a modern boat with an audio guide in several languages. There is a restaurant and a bar on board, and with this itinerary you will see the very center of the city. The best option for the first acquaintance!


  • Grand Cruise in Prague is the largest boar tour in Old and New Prague . We will reach Visegrad and see all the main sights from the water. The tour also offers an audio guide in several languages, a restaurant and a bar.


  • A boat trip along the Chertovka canal is the most intimate cruise that offers you an unusual itinerary and makes you feel you are in Venice for a while. This channel is called the most mysterious corner of Prague. As they say, you never say until you try.


  • A romantic tour through Prague with a glass of Prosecco is a great option for those who want to make their cruise even more exciting. On this Prague sightseeing cruise each guest gets a glass of sparkling wine and a cheese plate as well as 2 hours of picturesque views of Prague from the water.


How to buy a ticket?

The easiest way to do this is online on our website. You just have to choose a suitable tour, date and time. And then just fill in all the fields and proceed to payment. The ticket will then be sent to your e-mail. It is not necessary to print it, you can just show it on your phone screen.


See you on board!

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