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Sightseeing tours

Sightseeing tours


Prosecco cruise

1 hour
  • Unusual river cruise along the Vltava
  • The sightseeing route along the Old town
  • A glass of prosecco wine and snacks as a gift
  • Restaurant and bar on board
  • Open deck with panoramic views

Grand Cruise

2 hours
  • The most popular sightseeing cruise in Prague
  • The longest route along the Vltava river to Vysehrad
  • A tour booklet in 10 languages
  • Restaurant and bar on board
  • Boat with all-glass sliding roof
  • Departure daily at 12:00 and 15:00

One hour river cruise around Prague

50 minutes
  • Fast way to see Prague from the water
  • The most classic sightseeing cruise
  • An audio commentary in 8 languages
  • Restaurant and bar on board
  • Open deck with panoramic views
  • Departure daily from 11:00 to 19:00

Cruise to the Devil`s Channel

50 minutes
  • Mystical Venice in Prague
  • Route along the Old town and the Devil`s Channel
  • The most cozy boat trip in Czech capital
  • Small electric boat for a group up to 25 persons
  • Departure daily at 12:30, 14:30 and 16:30

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The Vltava ship cruise: see Prague and its surroundings

To visit the Czech capital without taking a walk along the Vltava River would be a grave omission. Sightseeing boat trips allow you to see the river and the city from a new and unusual perspective. From the ship's deck, you'll see the sights of the Czech capital glide by while you comfortably relax. The Prague river boat tour will take only a little of your time, and you'll make a great memory while seeing the most interesting architectural and historical monuments of the city from the vantage point of the river.


Prague boat tours will interest:

  • experienced tourists who have already travelled the popular tourist routes in Prague and are looking for new ways to relax,
  • those who like boat rides and want to enjoy the views of the city from the river,
  • seniors as well as tourists with children for whom bus trips and hikes are too tedious,
  • everyone who wants to get to know Prague and learn more about it.


Riverboat cruises

Vltava riverboat cruises feature a sightseeing boat tours around Prague which take place on modern, safe, and comfortable ships. Enclosed and open decks are available, where you can sit at a table and watch the scenery passing by. Such vessels are comfortable in any weather; even rain or wind won't spoil the mood, since enclosed decks provide shelter in inclement weather. The trip does not take much time, so guests will not get tired. Even for children, a riverboat cruise will be exciting and informative. After boarding the ship along the Vltava, guests will be offered a printed guide and an audio guide in different languages, including Russian. There also is a bar with drinks and snacks on board, where you can grab a bite to eat during your trip.


Sights to see

The ship's deck offers beautiful views of the Letna gardens and the Prague Castle panorama. The Prague river tour will please with picturesque landscapes of Kampa and amaze with the majestic architecture of the Charles Bridge and the National Theatre's golden crown. You will see Manes Bridge, Rudolfinum Concert Hall, Hotel «Intercontinental» and the gothic St. Agnes Monastery. One cannot help mentioning the grandiose and foreboding castle of Chase Island. The Prague boat ride reveals the secrets and intrigues of curious places in the Czech capital and allows you to learn the most interesting things about the sights in one trip.


Why choose a boat cruise in Prague?

  • Comfort during the trip. The cruise is suitable for families with children and for those who are unable to walk long distances.
  • Unusual format. It is worth trying if you have already walked around the city and are now looking for new experiences.
  • Interesting sightseeing tour of Prague's main attractions as seen from the side of the river.
  • Convenient ship schedule. Daytime Vltava river cruises are popular among married couples, while evening cruises are popular among youth and young couples.
  • Advance online reservations. Prior to arriving in Prague, it is possible to reserve a suitable day and time for a cruise.


Why contact our company?

You will find a variety of cruises with different durations and different routes on our website. We offer online ticket reservations for Prague river cruises, to save you time waiting in line at the berth. We also can help you choose an interesting tour based on your wishes for a convenient date.

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