Prague river cruises
Restaurant boats in Prague on the Vltava

Restaurant boats in Prague on the Vltava

Restaurant boat trips in Prague

A boat trip around Prague can give more than just aesthetic pleasure. During the trip, you will be offered either a luxurious lunch or a dinner featuring European cuisine, excellent wine and live music. Our riverboat restaurant will delight your palate and create pleasant emotions from seeing the Czech capital from a ship's deck. Onboard, there is a place for everyone: noisy groups of friends, couples, or large families.

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What time is best for the trip?

Shipping takes place all year round on the Vltava River. At any time of year, the Czech capital is beautiful; however, many tourists prefer Prague in the summer. In the midst of the summer heat, few things are more pleasant than observing the city from the breezy, comfortable deck of a ship, rather than from the window of a stuffy bus. In the spring, a boat trip also allows you to avoid weather troubles such as wind or rain. In the autumn, the weather generally is still warm, so you can easily combine boat trips with hiking or bus trips. In the winter, the city is transforming - preparing for New Year and Christmas; tourists come to enjoy the festive atmosphere. As to the best time of the day for a river cruise: during the day, tourists who want to see and learn more about the main historical and architectural sites and tourists travelling with children tend to frequent the river restaurant.Evening river cruises typically attract couples who enjoy romantic dinners, as well as those who enjoy exploring the night-lit city.

Features of river cruise dining

The dinner boats are modern ships providing all-weather shelter. Special attention has been devoted to the safety and comfort of the guests. Guests can occupy both the upper and lower decks. The welcoming interiors invite long and leisurely conversations, while simultaneously allowing opportunities for memorable photo shoots using the backgrounds of the luxurious landscapes surrounding Prague. The trip route passes through the main sights of Prague – the Kampa landscapes, the Charles Bridge, the National Theatre - and you will see the famous panorama of Prague Castle. The boats' restaurants offer full lunches, delicious buffet dinners and welcome drinks, or coffee and an appetizing dessert or brunch, depending upon the chosen tour. In addition to the exquisite menu, stylish interiors and beautiful views through the panoramic roof, live music and attentive personnel await you. Choose your preferred tour and enjoy a varied menu or an "À la carte" three-course meal: all served by our professional waitstaff. A roundtrip river cruise takes three hours.

Why contact our company?

Looking for a cruise restaurant on the Vltava River? We can help you not only to choose a convenient tour (including either hot beverages and delectable desserts or a magnificent dinner), but we also can book a ship ticket for you for your selected date. You will find detailed information about each tour on our website; and, if necessary, you can phone or e-mail us for further information. Tickets can be purchased on our website, saving you time, so you don't have to queue.