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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy



The current conditions for the purchase of electronic tickets on the website https://prahatrip.cz/ (from 01.11.2021)

The Prahatrip project (https://prahatrip.cz/) is a service for purchasing tickets for boat trips via the Internet. Our company is a ticket sales agent and organizer of sightseeing tours in Prague.

By purchasing e-tickets on our website, you agree to all the terms of purchase listed below, including the rules for finding passengers on board a watercraft.

If the buyer does not agree with the terms of purchase of tickets, refunds or other points of this document, then he is automatically not allowed to purchase electronic tickets.


1. Basic concepts:


2. Buying an e-ticket


3. Refund or transfer of a ticket

Commission for ticket refunds initiated by the buyer:


Rules for the return and transfer of tickets:

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