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Prague sightseeing boat tour: price and schedule

One-hour sightseeing tour in Prague

  • Discounts: the cost of a children’s ticket is 8 €.
14 €

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Experience different Prague for only
14 €

About this tour

When the center of Prague has already been explored, it's time to look at it from a completely different prospective. Here is the plan for your first date with the Czech capital: let's take a delicious drink in the bar on board, go up to the upper deck, forget about everything and seize the moment. They say that's how love at first sight happens. Are you up to it?


Some details on one-hour Prague tour on a boat:

  • the most iconic itinerary in the center of Prague;
  • audio guide tour in several languages​​ (Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish and Czech);
  • boat with open and closed decks;
  • restaurant and bar on board.
  • Chekhov bridge
  • Rudolfinum
  • Charles Bridge
  • Old Town Bridge Tower
  • Prague Castle
  • Smichov locks


Prague sightseeing tour takes place on a double-deck boat. The lower deck is indoors and there are a restaurant and a bar. The upper deck is open, with a canopy in case of rain.


Ticket purchase

The most convenient way to buy a ticket is online. After that the ticket will be sent to your e-mail. It is not necessary to print it, you can simply show it from your phone screen at the pier.

Reminder for the guest:


1. Before boarding, you must provide your order number  at pier No. 3. The ticket does not need to be printed.


2. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before departure. Boarding for a boat Prague tour ends 5 minutes before departure.

Route map

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