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Cruise to the Devil`s Channel

Cruise to the Devil`s Channel

  • Discounts: children’s ticket — 10 €.

About this tour



At the moment there are restrictions on cruises in Prague. You can go on a cruise only if you have a QR code about vaccination or immunization. And also if there is a PCR test (for up to 7 days) or an antigen test (for up to 3 days).

Soak up the spirit of the old Czech legends with Prahatrip. An hour-long journey along the channel will give you a plenty of unforgettable impressions.


Cruises to Devil's Channel let you adjoin Prague's secrets dating back to the Middle Ages. The name of the tributary, Certovka, arouses curiosity by itself. What do you trust, historical facts or popular beliefs? Try to solve this mystery with us. Here magic and history merge together, let your imagination run free!


Features of the Venice of Prague boat trips:

  • the most mystical boat trip along the Old town and the Devil`s Channel;
  • the atmosphere of Venice and the Middle Ages from the water;
  • small electric boat with open deck and roof. 
    • Prague Castle
    • Charles Bridge
    • Malá Strana
    • Kampa island
    • Devil`s Channel
    • Velkopřevorský mlýn

    Our boat 

    Vltava and its numerous tributaries can provide you with a truly «Venetian» experience. Each Venice Prague boat that runs along this route is designed to make the minimum impact on the environment. Both Mistr Jan Hus and Electro Nemo don’t pollute Vltava waters and don’t disturb the local residents with the noise. At the same time, your comfort remains the main priority of Devil’s channel cruise. Whatever the weather is, you will be protected from the heat or wind.

    • Before the cruise you must present your voucher for validation in an office, pier no. 3. Both electronic and printed vouchers are accepted.


    • Recommended arrival time: 15 min. before departure. Boarding ends: 5 min. before departure time.


    • The closed and heated elektro-boat will be used for the cruise in winter or in bad weather. 


    • Depending on the state and level of the water, the cruise may be cancelled.

    Route map

    Авторская экскурсия
    с тайным маршрутом
    сегодня в 20:30.