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Prague boat party: price and schedule

Boat party in Prague

  • Price: female ticket (preparty with unlimited alcohol, party on the boat and afterparty included) — €37, male ticket is €40. Standard female ticket (only party included) — €23, standard male ticket is €27.

Sales will be launched in the nearest future. Remind me? Click here.

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Sales will be launched in the nearest future. Remind me? Click here.

About the party

If tourist's plan for the day is completed, it's time to dive into Prague nightlife. Parties in the Czech capital are no worse than in any other European cities. Here you can find everything you need to spend an unforgettable night and have lots of fun such as a preparty in one of the local pubs with unlimited alcohol, a DJ set on board of a spacious boat and an afterparty in one of the most popular night clubs in the city. Afterall these experiences, acquaintances and cocktails, Prague river party will be a special memory for you.


Some details on the boat party on along the Vltava:

  • Preparty at the local Zephyr Excelent Urban Pub with unlimited alcohol and alcohol games such as Beer pong, Jenga, Flip Cup.

Duration: from 20:00 to 22:30.

  • DJ-set on a spacious boat with an open deck and a bar on board.

Duration: from 23:00 till 01:00.

  • Afterparty in one of the popular night clubs in the city: Duplex, Roxy, Chapeau Rouge, Radost (club ticket included).

The boat

All fun and parties will take place on board of double-deck river party boats. The upper deck is open, and there is a spacious terrace. The lower one is indoors, with a bar and a dance floor. There will be a DJ who plays Hip-Hop, RnB, Dance, Latino, Electronic Hits.


Ticket purchase

The best way to buy a ticket is online. After payment, the ticket will be sent to your e-mail within two hours. It is not necessary to print it, you can just show it at the entrance or at the bar.

Guest memo:


1. Each boat party in Prague has a special theme, but does not require dress code.


2. During the preparty, a deposit must be paid for your individual glass four the drinks (€2). After the party, you can exchange it back for a deposit or keep the glass as a souvenir.


3. In the night club where the afterparty will take place, the dress code is required. We advise you to wear decent clothes in order to successfully pass the face control.


4. We advise you to have any identification document with you at the party.

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